How well did their places survive the blitz?

The estimable Bomb Sight web site gives good information about the fate of different streets in London during the blitz. It’s worth thinking about how much of the Flood-Schaller world was destroyed, damaged, or spared.

Fitzrovia places. Recall that these people lived and worked on Charles Street, the extension of Mortimer Street that ran directly south of the Middlesex Hospital. Aside from the cluster on Charles Street (and the Schaller house took a near direct hit), there was 9 Howland Street and 68 Welbeck Street. Cornelius Robert and Ellen Elizabeth were married in the St. Mary-le-Bone Parish Church. There was a second branch of the Flood and Schaller business on Crawley (now Eversholt) Street near Oakley Square. St Mary-le-Bone Parish Church made it through OK, but let’s see how the Flood-Schaller Westminster and Camden addresses fared:

Hammersmith places. Recall that the Schallers lived in The Hermitage and on the SW corner of Saint Peters Square:

The Hammersmith places appear to have escaped bombing, though the St. Peters Square house had a near miss. The church where Cornelius Washington had been baptized came through unscathed. The Surbiton address was not heavily bombed and came through well, and no bombs are recorded as far away as Woking.

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