Pietro Cordani monument, Glenwood Cemetery, Washington, D.C. Photo: author

N[ato]. 1909 M[orto]. 1911

Here lies
B[orn] 1909 D[ied] 1911

Once again we find a cast slab of concrete with visible aggregate. I see a crude cross above the inserted inscription, and it seems to me that the inscription is on a ticket that was poured and incised after the main tablet. The letters appear filled with material (mortar, maybe) rather than having been painted in.

Volker Karl Schmeissner monument. Prospect Hill Cemetery, Washington, D.C. Photo: author.

I thought this professional, despite the short-lived materials, until I took a second look. The cross is simple, and the plaque looks unevenly sprayed and lacquered. The text appears computer generated and to be affixed somehow with an adhesive. The effect, thanks to the computer-generated text, is much more professional than the other vernacular monuments I’ve seen.

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