Figure 1. Conrad monument. Mt. Hebron Cemetery, Winchester, VA. Photo: author.

The profoundly middle-class C.P. Conrad, the Dr. Zaius of his age, knew a thing or two about non-overlapping magisteria, I think:

I believe that Christ
has redeemed my soul
Cuthbert Powell Conrad
Sept 3, 1849—June 20, 1892.
He was Master of Arts,
University of Virginia:
Professor of Chemistry
and Physics,
Univ. of Ark.:
Professor of Chemistry
and Metallurgy,
Mo. School of Mines:
A Ruling Elder in
The Presbyterian Church.
Called to a full use of
his perfected strength
in the very presence of
the God whom he loved.

Elders had some ministerial functions, but more generally,

The elders are persons chosen from among the congregation and ordained for this service. Beyond that, practices vary: sometimes elders are elected by the congregation, sometimes appointed by the session, in some denominations elders serve for life, others have fixed terms, and some churches appoint elders on a rotation from among willing members in good standing in the church. However, in many churches, ruling elders retain their ordination for life, even though they serve fixed terms. Even after the end of their terms, they may be active in presbyteries or other bodies, and may serve communion.


And with special regard to Ruling Elders,

It is their duty to have an eye of inspection and care over all the members of the congregation; and, for this purpose, to cultivate a universal and intimate acquaintance, as far as may be, with every family in the flock of which they are made “overseers”.


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