It’s not just a river in Yellowstone. I snapped the morning glory below (figure 1) this morning while walking back home from escorting my wife to work.

Figure 1. Firehole, Color version. Morning Glory, Green Ridge, Scranton, PA. Photo: author.

I was caught, as I think you might have been, by the flower’s brilliant center. In fact, the colors were so saturated and bright that in post I darkened and desaturated almost everything, and darkened shadows and raised the blackpoint.

I was a little disappointed that, despite several attempts at fiddling with the aperture and focus area, I couldn’t get 100 percent of the flower into focus. So, it’s on me that the outer edges of the flower are a little out of focus. Let’s call it bokeh: it’s a feature!

But since I was attracted by the play of light in the first place, I rendered it into B/W, and look at what emerged (figure 2):

Figure 2. Firehole, B/W version. Morning Glory, Green Ridge, Scranton, PA. Photo: author.

I am particularly captivated by the bits of pollen that resemble gold flakes in a miner’s pan: I mined some gold here!

Of course mention of the Firehole and Yellowstone and morning glories inevitably leads to the image in figure 3: Morning Glory Pool in the park’s Upper Geyser Basin.

Figure 3. Morning Glory Pool. Yellowstone National Park. Photo: Jon Sullivan. CC0. Wikimedia Commons.

Now that is a firehole!

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