Figure 1. Rudbeckia hirta. Honesdale, PA. Photo: author.

A wonderful pot of Black-eyed Susans in Honesdale, PA this evening. I’d been looking to photograph some this summer, but hadn’t been close to any ’til now.

Focus is at the center for the flower, and is still pretty good to about half-way out the petals. The gold has only been de-luminesced a hair, and the purple of the button has been lightened a tiny bit. Greens have been saturated a bit but de-luminesced to let the flower shine. The image has been sharpened, and figure 1 has a weak vignette.

Figure 2. Rudbeckia hirta. Image from which figure 1 was cropped. Honesdale, PA. Photo: author.

The image from which figure 1 was cropped can be seen in figure 2. The original from the camera is figure 3.

Figure 3. Rudbeckia hirta. Unedited image from which figure 2 was created. Honesdale, PA. Photo: author.

(I’ve sized all of them down to 1250 px across to save space. If you want a full sized image, tell me in the comments.)

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