Today’s labors were fairly successful. I was able to get into almost all of the grooves on Loggy’s surface, and he looks pretty good after the 320-grit paper was used (figures 1, 2). Perfection, especially by the likes of me, is of course going to be unattainable!

I wiped Loggy down to get some of the dust out of the pores and cracks: Loggy has the shakes (radial cracks from improper drying out)! I got some wood filler for those. But the moistened surface is like a little preview of what the stained surface will look like (figures 3, 4).

Loggy may have the shakes but he also has nice medullary rays. But the saw did enough damage to Loggy’s pores and surface structure that he’s also developed black water stains. So tomorrow I’m off to get some oxalic acid to clean Loggy up. Yay!

The saga of Loggy so far: Loggy McLogface I, Loggy McLogface III, Loggy McLogface IV, Loggy McLogface V, and Loggy McLogface VI.

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