After some dense mathematical calculations for solution strength of the oxalic acid (lots of logarithms, don’t y’ know), and to the strains of Yacht Rock (Kenny Loggins was on, as usual), I bleached Loggy to try to diminish, if not remove, the water stains that plague him. He’s down drying as I write.

You may judge for yourselves how much good (or ill) I did. Two galleries follow, the first with before and after pictures of side 1, the second with before and after pix of (wait for it) side 2. Although both sets were taken with the faces wet, I was getting a lot of reflection off the moisture in both after pictures, so buyer beware.

I’ve seen better work in my day, but I’m prepared to declare success for an armchair-bound pedant like me!

One thing I did notice was that the weak ammonia solution I used to deactivate the oxalic acid rather darkened the wood while at the same time causing brown pigment in the solution to wash off the the faces.

In any event, Loggy has to dry off for a day or two now.

The saga of Loggy so far: Loggy McLogface I, Loggy McLogface II, Loggy McLogface IV, Loggy McLogface V, and Loggy McLogface VI.

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A college professor living in Scranton, PA

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