Loggy came out of his acid bath much cleaner than he went in. Most, though not quite all of the water staining was eliminated or profoundly diminished by the oxalic acid. Yay!

Still, the water raised the grain, and the rough areas within the grooves resulting from cutting Loggy down were more sensible to finger touch, so I went through the four grades of paper I have again, 80 (selectively), 120, 220, and 320. I also touched up the sides to reduce Loggy’s tendency to shed splinters.

I’m very pleased! I think I’ll attempt to apply a first coat of stain tomorrow afternoon. Very exciting. I have a tack cloth just waiting to pull off as much of the fine sawdust as I can get before ladling the red stain I bought on. I imagine I’ll do two applications: you know I like saturated colors!

The saga of Loggy so far: Loggy McLogface I, Loggy McLogface II, Loggy McLogface III, Loggy McLogface V, and Loggy McLogface VI.

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A college professor living in Scranton, PA

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