Many members of the long-lived Marcy family are buried in the enlarged cemetery still named for them in Duryea, Pennsylvania. Some of them were not individually very long-lived, but Ebenezer Marcy, the oldest burial I spotted, didn’t do too badly.

Figure 1. Ebenezer Marcy monument. Marcy Cemetery, Duryea, PA. Photo: author.

Sacred to the Memory
Ebenezer Marcy
Aged 49 years &
28 days.
[wavy line]
Who on March 20th,,
17 hundred 90
Exchanged this life,
For a, long eternity..
[wavy line]

This stone pops with fascinating design choices made by the cutter. See, for example, the wondrous ‘Sacred to the Memory’ around the edge of the roundel at top encompassing a fantastic ‘of’ detailed with curlicues in its center.

Figure 2. Ebenezer Marcy monument. Marcy Cemetery, Duryea, PA. Photo: author.

There is then the stupendous ‘W’ in ‘Who’ that can also be seen on the adjacent Jonathan Marcy stone, clearly cut by the same hand.

But to my mind, the prize goes to the cutter’s choice to write out the word ‘hundred’ in ’17 hundred 90.’ It is just fantastic!

Lastly, if I am not much mistaken, the lower text (figure 2) is meant to be an epigram, with ’90’ (i.e., ninety) meant to rhyme with ‘eternity’ at the end. The gratuitous comma after ‘for a’ is a gift for reading the stone to the end.

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