Jonathan Marcy monument. Marcy Cemetery, Duryea, PA. Photo: author.

to the
Memory of
Jonathan Marcy
Departed this Life
Oct, 14th,, 1799..
In the 30th,, year of his age
The sweet remembrance of the just
May flourish while they sleep in dust

Figure 2. Jonathan Marcy monument. Anagraphic inscription. Marcy Cemetery, Duryea, PA. Photo: author.

The wonderful script is the only decoration on this slate stone which is beginning to show wear. The ‘W’ in “Who” is worth the trip to see the stone.

There is a sort of hash mark border around the edge of the stone, and separating the anagraphic information from the little epigram.

I’ve never seen anything quite like the cutter’s use of punctuation marks. I suppose those could be two more commas after ‘1799’ now worn to look like periods. As to the pairs of commas, it’s almost like they serve as the little raised line sometimes used under superscripts.

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