Moldy is my beloved piece of copper fascia molding that once graced some now lost building in New York City. That, at any rate, was what I was told by the fellow at Olde Good Things when I bought it yesterday. Ten bucks, if you wonder, and a steal, according to me.

Figure 1. Classical molding reclaimed from a now lost NYC building. Photo: author.

Moldy’s maximum dimensions are 43 x 28 cm. I cleaned it up with dish soap and a soft chip brush; some of the copper shows through because it’d been through the ringer, hacked (yes, with a hacksaw) off from a rather longer piece still in the OGT warehouse at some point. Luckily, this piece is about right for display in a modestly sized house like the one I live in.

For those less familiar with classical architecture, the top pattern that looks like framed eggs with darts in between them is called an ovolo (or ‘egg and dart’) molding; below that is a thin strip called a fascia; below that, two remaining examples from a series of dentils, or tooth-like projections; and lastly, a sort of ‘S’ shaped molding called a cyma reversa.

If you know me, you know that although I love it as a real example of classical ornament, I got it for the patina!

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