The Fateful day! Time to sand down Loggy’s filler (figures 1, 2) and stain him (figures 3, 4)!

As expected, the residual traces of the saw’s gouges soaked up extra stain; but there was not too much of that, for which I’m grateful. The filler stained well, and although my photos don’t do Loggy justice, the result is quite satisfactory so far. I’m fixin’ to apply a second coat of stain.

It’s not entirely easy going after the splintered and ‘live’ edges, and the bark soaks up the stain like crazy. I guess I’ll put polyurethane on the edges first, slathering it on, and then sand away any bumps that try to get onto the faces.

The saga of Loggy to date: Loggy McLogface I, Loggy McLogface II, Loggy McLogface III, Loggy McLogface IV, and Loggy McLogface V.

Published by gsb03632

A college professor living in Scranton, PA

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