The day finally came for Loggy’s first coating of high gloss, clear polyurethane. Or, as I thought of it, his embalming! Much cheerier that way.

So, while the humidity was lower, it was still high enough that Loggy’s side 2 was tacky to the touch some 6 hours after the poly had been brushed on. Nevertheless, when I coated side 2 I also did the narrow sides and the “live edge.” Side 1 still awaits treatment.

If Loggy has dried by tomorrow, Imma sand side 2 and apply a second coat of poly.

Figure 1. Loggy side 2 with one coat of polyurethane applied. Photo: author.

Frustratingly, there was one bristle from my brush that was in the poly and I hadn’t noticed it. Arrgh! I’ll try to fix that in sanding, though it’s not unattractive as far as blemishes go. Figure 1 was taken while the poly was still wet; but it looks about the same after 6 hours of drying.

Figure 2. Loggy’s live edge with bark. Poly applied. Photo: author.

I don’t expect I’ll recoat this live edge (figure 2) because there’s no practical way to sand it. But it looks fine as it is: wet in the photograph, but about the same after 6 hours drying.

The saga of Loggy to date: Loggy McLogface I, Loggy McLogface II, Loggy McLogface III, Loggy McLogface IV, Loggy McLogface V, and Loggy McLogface VI.

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