*Whisks away drapery* Ta-Daaaaaaa!!! My absurdly named project to refinish a section of a disc from a felled 165-year-old white oak tree is finished today. It’s been 26 days since Loggy came into our house and it’s high time for the great unveiling.

I even broke out the tripod to give Loggy the long exposure at low ISO he deserves. The live edge (with bark) glistens with thick polyurethane to keep the crumbly bits attached. The other two sides, one splintery and one sanded at least enough to remove the splinters, are somewhere in the middle. All sides have three coats.

Figure 7. Loggy live edge finished. Photo: author.

Next up: Chesty, the American Chestnut relic.

The saga of Loggy: Loggy McLogface I, Loggy McLogface II, Loggy McLogface III, Loggy McLogface IV, Loggy McLogface V, Loggy McLogface VI and Loggy McLogface VII.

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