Marywood IX

An image captured a fortnight ago on a still, humid, August night. My wife and I were taking our constitutional and went up over the Marywood campus. My favorite little reflecting pool was quite glassy that night, so I pulled out my iPhone and tried a reflected night shot of the façade of the Rotunda.

Figure 1. Marywood Rotunda reflected at night. Marywood University, Scranton, PA. Photo: author.

When I got home, at first I wasn’t too pleased, despite the best efforts of Apple’s HDR software, because I didn’t much like the position of the glaring lights. And to add to that, the camera (reasonably) calculated that an ISO of 1000 was proper for its exposure(s) and so there’s a good deal of grain in the mid-tones.

But pulling the image up today while doing some indexing I thought that it has some good sides, too. The island of light in the center is not too bad, and the lights could be dimmed by appropriate adjustments. The welcoming light gold color of the interior of the Rotunda appealed to me, too, as did the Orange Art on Pedestal ™ on the left. Someone did a nice job of lighting the tree trunk on the right, too.

1: Cropped and straightened ground line. 2: Dimmed highlights and lowered the white point. 3: Brightened the shadows. 4: Raised the ‘brilliance.’ 5: Saturated the warm colors a little. 6: Took what the automated setting gave me for ‘definition.’ 7: Strong noise reduction to counter the graininess. 8: Vowed to use a tripod and lower ISO next time!

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