In my perambulations of the streets of Scranton after dropping my wife off at her office I often see beautiful or intriguing things. Come walk with me.

Figure 1. Pomodori ripening. Scranton, PA. Photo: author.

Just down the block from Marywood is a house with very attractive pomodori ripening right on the street (figure 1). Will the gardener enjoy them, or will someone “borrow” them? In any event, they look incipiently delicious.

Figure 2. Black peppers ripening. Scranton, PA. Photo: author.

Likewise these black peppers (which are tasty: you should try some) were ripening in front of the same house (figure 2).

Figure 3. Chard ripening. Scranton, PA. Photo: author.

And finally, they’ll have some chard on their salad unless an errant rabbit gets to it first (figure 3).

Figure 4. Old maple tree. Scranton, PA. Photo: author.

At the end of the block on the other side is this aged, scrappy maple tree (figure 4). To judge by the trunk, this tree couldn’t catch a break.

Figure 5. Hazy sunset from west-coast fires. Scranton, PA. Photo: author.

The smoke from the terrible fires in California and Oregon reached the east coast yesterday, and one could look right at the sun, and get a photo like this (figure 5) with no filter, because of the dust and haze in the sky. Scranton rarely has haze, so this was a changeup from the usual weather.

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