Sun Day, Bloody Sun Day

Wednesday the smoke from the west coast fires darkened the sun and gave it a bloody red color at sunset. This was interesting, since the orb had been a dirty brownish yellow the evening before. I hot-footed it down to the Scranton School for the Deaf to get some photos, since there one can get a respite from Scranton’s ubiquitous wires.

Figure 1. Bloody sun setting through beech tree over school roof. Photo: author.

See how livid that sun is (figure 1)? It was even redder to the eye! I’d like to take full credit for the detail of the leaves and branches against the sun’s orb, but in fact I had no filter. The sun was just really dim, making that sort of shot possible.

Figure 2. Setting sun over Good Shepherd Episcopal. Photo: author.

Changing my position, I captured it hitting the crenellated roof of one of the local churches (figure 2).

Figure 3. Bloody sunset behind Good Shepherd Episcopal. Photo: author.

This (figure 3) was the last good image I captured that evening, as the sun faded out and disappeared in low clouds before it even touched the hill top.

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