Red ruin

This ruin of a tree (figure 1) with its flailing, snapped limbs sits on a bit of untended land about 75 meters from my house. I watched its wild decrepitude all summer, but now it is crowned with a halo of red ivy. Let’s take a moment to admire it, shall we?

Figure 1. Red ruin. Photo: author.

The picture was taken with the kit lens of my Nikon, an unprepossessing (but not bad) 18-55 mm zoom lens. The editing was done with Affinity Photo; the only notable divergences from my usual practices were applying the dodge brush to the parts of the tree with evening light on it and the application of a ruddy-orange lens filter. The sky was clear but hazy, making for a white-ish (until I oranged it up!) canvas behind the tree.

Even decades after its death, this old maple (I think) is still contributing to the beauty of the world, and I’m grateful to the folks who have neglected to fell it to make room for a Starbucks or some such monstrosity.

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A college professor living in Scranton, PA

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