Not the quite acceptable 1984 movie but my edit of a maple at Ivy Hill Cemetery on the border between Chestnut Hill and Mt. Airy in Philadelphia.

Figure 1. Dreamscape. Ivy Hill Cemetery, Philadelphia, PA. Photo: author.

The Nikkor 14-24 mm zoom lens is a fantastic, fast lens. It tends to overexpose by the better part of a full stop on my Nikon D3400, but it’s crystal clear and does everything the Nikon engineers claim. Here (figure 1) is one of my overexposed images from yesterday’s visit to Ivy Hill.

I liked the tree a lot: Ivy Hill is well kept and filled with well shaped trees. So I decided to do my lemons into lemonade thing and edit so as to capitalize on the overexposure rather than fight an uphill battle to compensate for it. I was also constrained to use the Apple Photos iPad OS editor, since I was on a trip.

Contrast: reduced substantially. Shadows lightened. Noise reduction (blur) maxed out. Highlights dimmed. Vibrance up a hair. A touch of brilliance and definition. Tone pushed a little toward yellow. Burned all the shadows, dodged all of the dappled spots of light. Distortion from the wide angle lens uncorrected. And a vignette!

I got a hint of the painterly effect they are always on about in the YouTube photography videos. It also seemed to me a little surreal and dreamy with the oversaturated colors and blur: just like the images in the movie I referred to at the outset.

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