It’s not every day you find a shingled roof on a mausoleum outside of Gothic revival style. Mostly they have great big capstones that will never require reroofing and that minimize the possibility of leaks. As any owner of a house knows, these shingle rooves, even when made of slate, have short lifespans on the scale of the eternities presupposed in building a mausoleum.

Figure 1. Richmond mausoleum. Dunmore Cemetery, Scranton, PA. Photo: author.

Still, the hipped roof is a novelty and tidily tops off this little box of a structure. Classic Egyptian revival features, battered walls, a cavetto cornice (not to mention decorative elements associated with the door) are here combined with the rusticated stone so loved in this part of Pennsylvania.

For me, the name plaque in green patinated bronze and the visibly red granite of the stone make this mausoleum work. It always wears the colors of autumn, and it looks best, as here (figure 1), when surrounded by the same colors at sunset.

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A college professor living in Scranton, PA

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