I went to dinner at La Tonalteca, a very adequate Mexican restaurant in Dickson City, a suburb of Scranton (figure 1). While waiting for a seat in this much-in-demand restaurant, I was treated to a startling show in the sky after a long rainy day.

Figure 1. La Tonalteca sign. Dickson City, PA. Photo: author.

What follow are the best images I captured with my iPhone. They’re all noisy with ISO at about two billion, but credit to the Apple engineers; they have great software squeezing dynamic range out of the sky with HDR and who knows what other magic. As they say, the best camera is the one you have with you.

Figure 2. Stack o’ clouds. Photo: author.

The most striking thing about the sky was not so much the colors, which we’ve been regularly getting since moving here in June, but the speed with which the sky and clouds changed. None of the clouds was terribly low, but they moved rapidly nevertheless: high winds up there. At ground level it was cool but not too windy.

Figure 3. Wisps upon wisps. Photo: author.

All editing is with the Apple Photos editor. It’s frustrating how the clouds, which are so striking, tend to look unrealistic in photographs, especially the pink and orange ones. Part of it is due to the reds being overexposed because the camera was metering from the majority of the scene which was quite dark to black. Even when the luminance of the reds is reduced quite a bit, as in ‘Red scraper’ (figure 4), they still look blown out and don’t have much detail. I suppose the sun is blowing them out in nature, and not in the camera. Well, enjoy.

Figure 4. Red scraper. Photo: author.
Figure 5. Rays! Photo: author.
Figure 6. Crashing red breakers. Photo: author.
Figure 7. Crashing red breakers broken. Photo: author.
Figure 8. South view panorama. Photo: author.
Figure 9. Northeast to southwest (through east) 180-degree panorama. Photo: author.

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