I’ve been passing by this lovely little road right next to the banks of the Lackawanna and saying each time to myself, oh! if only I had a camera. The rising road with autumn colors seems to me to tell an irresistible story.

Figure 1. Scranton byway. Photo: author.

So I was out today, and had a moment to pass by this place. I had been thinking of using a telephoto to get back and optically collapse the drive (really a driveway up to a house). The leaf-strewn path starts rather behind where I was standing for this image, yet I wanted to optically crop in away from the left to avoid a hum-drum street.

But as it happens, I had with me a wide-angle lens which I had been using for other purposes. This effectively meant that I had to walk up the path a little and get down closer to those strewn leaves by performing an obeisance on bent knee. But even after compensating for lens perspective distortion I discovered that the wide-angle approach was actually a good one, in that it magnifies the three-dimensionality of the path and works with the concrete bollard and wooden rail to emphasize the movement uphill (figure 1).

Finally, I lucked out in that the blank white overcast and 100% humidity was beginning to break, and so I got just a little variation in the sky. So, “Scranton byway.” I have paid the Scranton tax by leaving in a wire.

Nikon D3400, Nikkor 14-24mm f/2.8 zoom lens. Affinity Photo. The only edit that would not be obvious was to desaturate the sumac a little; it came off as a sort of off-putting dayglo red. As you see from the feature image, the photo also does work when cropped to focus on the leafy path.

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A college professor living in Scranton, PA

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