Figure 1. Ryan monument. Cathedral Cemetery, Scranton, PA. Photo: author.

Edward William Ryan (1882 or 1884 – 1923) was a native of Scranton, Pennsylvania, taking a degree in medicine at Fordham University in 1912. He traveled the world before, during, and after the First World War, partly in U.S. uniform, combatting disease and epidemics. He had quite a storied life, despite its short span. He was slated to be executed in Mexico, for example, and was arrested briefly in Budapest when a souvenir unexploded military shell in his suitcase exploded in the train station. Hmmm! See the rest in the linked Pedia of Wiki article, above.

His decorations reflect widespread respect for his services to medicine during the war.

Legion of Honor
Medaille [d’ honneur] des épidémies

Commander of the White Eagle
Commander of the Order of St. Sava

Charity Cross – Red Cross

Commander of St. Danilo
[should be ‘Prince Danilo’, I think]

Officer Order of the Saviour [AKA Order of the Redeemer]

Commander Order of the White Rose

Commander Order of St. Ann
Commander Order of St. Stanislaus

Officer 1st Class Order of Liberty

Knight Order of Lithuania

American Public Health Assoc.
American Association Advancement of Science
Union International League
Lackawanna Co. Medical Society

The image of a medal at the top of this essay is the Award of the Legion d’Honneur, photographed by Rama, on Wikimedia Commons. It is governed by the CC-BY-SA 2.0 France license.

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