Stunning views resulted as the sun first illuminated the underside, and then the tops of low, thin cloud cover at Nags Head, North Carolina on Saturday, 13 March.

Figure 1. Sunrise illuminates underside of cloud cover, 13 March 2021. Nags Head, N.C. Photo: author.

As the sun came very close to appearing over the horizon, its light entered the gap between the cloud cover and the ocean, which was over the horizon. The result was a brilliant crimson illumination of the cloud bottoms extending from the horizon nearly to the shore (figure 1).

Figure 2. Sunrise illuminating cloud tops, 13 March 2021. Nags Head, N.C. Photo: author.

The sun itself never made an appearance in the act of rising, but once it was high enough over the horizon it illuminated the tops of the clouds with a beautiful orange light which diffused downward through the thin layer making it glow when seen from the ground (figure 2).

Figure 1: ISO 64, f/8, 1/4 s, 24 mm.

Figure 2: ISO 64, f/8, 1/10 s, 14 mm.

Both figures were captured with a Nikkor 14-24 mm f/2.8 lens on a Nikon Z 7ii.

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