Figure 1. Sun rising from behind clouds. Nags Head, N.C. Photo: author.

Our final morning in Nags Head was nearly cloudless except at the horizon (figure 1). Early on what few clouds there were took on a very faint pink hue, but this was not enough to be worth reproducing the images here. Well worth it, however, was a very underexposed photo I took with the intention of raising the shadows in post (figure 2). The hue of the water is very attractive (I goosed the cyans a little, dulled the blues). and I like the reflection of the sun’s light in the waves on shore. The angle of the sun above the waves, combined with the foam in the water and the still somewhat choppy movement gives a pleasing ‘crinkly’ texture. It looks so crinkly, in fact, that I adjusted for a small net decrease in clarity and structure in Capture One.

Figure 2. Sunrise at Nags Head. Nags Head, N.C. Photo: author.

Figure 1: ISO 64, f/7.1, 1/160 s, 70 mm.

Figure 2: ISO 64, f/8, 1/640 s, 70 mm.

Both captured with Nikon Z 7ii with Nikkor 24-70 mm f’2.8 zoom with FTZ adaptor.

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