I went to see my friend Beechy Keen over at the old Pennsylvania Oral School campus (now the Patriots Resource Center): a fagus sylvatica no less than 120 years old.

Figure 1. Fagus sylvatica at old Pennsylvania Oral School Campus. Dunmore, PA. Photo: author.

Dripping from a light rain had created rivers flowing down the trunk, emphasizing the wounds and pathologies of its many years (figure 1). A closeup of the most time-ravaged part of the bole suggests that Beechy is well into the closing phases of its life (figure 2).

Figure 2. Signs of age on fagus sylvatica in figure 1. Old Pennsylvania Oral School campus, Dunmore, PA. Photo: author.

Nikon Z 7ii, Nikkor 24-200/f4-6.3. 33 mm f/8, ISO 640, 1/80 s. Post in Apple Photos.

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