Prompton Lake lies on the road between Scranton, the seat of Lackawanna County, and Honesdale, seat of Wayne County. Like many lakes in these parts, it is the heart of a State Park. We visited today while leaf looking.

Figure 1. Prompton Lake, Prompton State Park, PA. Photo: author.

The weather was overcast, as it has been for the last week or so, giving a soft, even light. The eastern shore had a nice mix of warm colors, olive-hued deciduous trees, and darker green evergreens. My favorite image of the day is of the colorful east shore casting a rainbow upon the waters (figure 1).

Figure 2. Prompton Lake. Prompton State Park, PA. Photo: author.

A boat ramp offered an unobstructed view of the eastern shore. There the wind has scoured the color from many trees, but I was taken by one large, barren white sycamore (figure 2), a cold skeletal hand among the warm greens and yellows surrounding it.

Figure 3. Focus stack of Prompton Lake shore. Prompton State Park, PA. Photo: author.

I captured a focus stack of a series of wind-scoured, or nearly wind-scoured white birches right at the shoreline. I focused on the water about halfway to the shore, on the trees along the shore, and on the trees in the distant background (figure 3).

Nikon Z 7ii with Nikkor Z 24-200 f/4-6.3 lens.

Figure 1. 102 mm, f/8, ISO 640, 1/640 s.
Figure 2. 130 mm, f/13, ISO 64, 1/3 s.
Figure 3. 200 mm, f/8, ISO 64, 1/10 s.

All cleaned up with DxO; figures 1-2 edited with Luminar AI; figure 3 stacked and edited with Affinity Photo.

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