Last Sunday in Louisville we had cold, nearly freezing air at sunrise over the rather warmer waters of the Ohio River. Water vapor rose up from the river and condensed into fog, at first quite thick, but later in delicate, etiolated wisps, caught in figure 1, as the sun began to heat the air.

Figure 1. Morning fog over the Ohio. Louisville, KY. Photo: author.

The main story is told by the different tones of the water. In the foreground are the shadows of the Galt House Hotel and the terraced overlook right above the river. In the mid-ground and curving upward around the island sunlight is playing directly on the water and making the residual wisps of fog stand out. On the right, in the mid-ground, is the brownish-grey reflection of higher and denser fog over Indiana on the far shore of the river. The reflections of the bridges are just icing on the cake.

Nikon Z 7ii with Nikkor Z 24-200 mm f/4-6.3 lens.

Figure 1. 52 mm, f/8, ISO 100, 1/250 s.

Cleaned up by DxO and edited in Luminar AI.

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