Nags Head, North Carolina, November 23, 2021, nearly noon: storm winds from the north, cold and hard. Here the usual features of my Nags Head shots are reduced to black silhouettes. An unusual feature of my shots is my wife, who kindly offers a human scale.

Figure 1. Windswept Nags Head beach, 23 November 2021. Photo: author.

She is not, however the subject of this image. Rather, if you look, you will see light streaks in the sand, roughly linear, converging on about the middle of Jennette’s Pier. These lines are blowing sands, little clouds about three or four centimeters above the ground. They say you should avoid always shooting from eye height, but in this case getting a lower viewpoint caused the drifting sands to disappear. Only from eye height could I freeze them, at 1/250 s, against the darker ground. Indeed, the silhouetted buildings, an effect I like here, resulted from my boosting the contrast to bring out the drifting sands.

Nikon Z 7ii with Nikkor 24-70 mm f/2.8 lens. 36 mm, f/8, ISO 64, 1/250 s.

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A college professor living in Scranton, PA

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