An astounding plot in Durham’s Maplewood Cemetery with three monumental axes.

The big touchdown

JAMES WILLIAM FOSTER monument, Union Cemetery, Leesburg, VA. Photo of the JAMES WILLIAM FOSTER monument: author. That was JAMES WILLIAM FOSTER, in case you missed it. Often you can’t know who is responsible for the text on a funerary monument. Sometimes a shrewd guess is possible, such as when the monument antedates the subject’s death; […]

The J. Henley Smith funerary portrait

J. Henley Smith Mausoleum, Rock Creek Cemetery, Washington, D.C. Photo: author. This is the J[ames]. Henley Smith Mausoleum in Rock Creek Cemetery. It was designed by Worthington and Ahrens, built by Leland and Hall about 1910. The sum budgeted for it was $20,000, with $2000 more made over to the trustees of the cemetery for […]