Alien skull on Alexandria tombstone!

Not infrequently I am reminded of the grim demographic realities of human life. All people die, even those close to us, and that is painful and grievous. Yet I find myself consoled by visiting cemeteries: as the cliché goes, when so many better people than I have gone before, can I really be resentful? Still, […]

Bennie’s grave

BENJAMINSON OFBENJAMIN & HARRIETT A.EUGITTDIED DEC. 6, 1888.In his 21st year. The anagraphic data’s dull recitation of facts does not prepare us for one of the simplest, most heartfelt codas I can remember seeing on a tombstone: “Oh for the touch of avanished hand,For the sound of a voicethat is still.” You will immediately notice […]