An interesting and malleable monument type.

A grand beaux-arts monument evolves to something charming.

An amuse-bouche

While you breathlessly await two fairly substantial posts I have in train, here is a little something to keep you going. It’s the Charles Weber (1855-1947) mausoleum in Loudon Park Cemetery in Baltimore (figure 1). Figure 1. Charles Weber mausoleum, c. 1947. Loudon Park Cemetery, Baltimore, MD. Photo: author. Figure 2. Charles Weber mausoleum. Loudon […]

Tom and Dewey

The Columbia Gardens Cemetery here in Arlington provides an object lesson in the contrasts between a monument of the great age of American monumental art and architecture in the later nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, and the current fallen state of almost every aspect of that art. The mausoleum of Admiral George Dewey (1837-1917), once […]