Funerary landscaping

A photo essay on the stages of decay of funerary landscape architecture.


An obsessive quest by Mr. Lloyd to get every conceivable grave furnishing in the rustic style has left us an astonishing, world-class plot in Hollywood Cemetery, Richmond.

An astounding performance in Laurel Hill

Figure 1. Levi Franklin and Catharine Drinkhouse Smith monument. Detail: sides 1 and 2. Laurel Hill Cemetery, Philadelphia, PA. Photo: author. My eye was caught as I was departing Laurel Hill Cemetery in Philadelphia by this unorthodox ‘white bronze’ monument (figure 1). It turns out to be an astounding and unexpected form of self-representation by …

Funerary portraits to order

The reader may know that I am looking into American funerary portraits. Searching turns up a fair number of them, but there is always a question of whether portrait statues or busts in the wild were made for the tomb or were repurposed from a domestic setting. It’s therefore time to touch base with theory, …