An interesting and malleable monument type.

A grand beaux-arts monument evolves to something charming.

Ware ye the steamers!

While not jolly reading, it’s nevertheless interesting—and fairly rare—to hear on a monument of an unusual form of death. In Prospect Hill Cemetery (in D.C.), there is a tombstone of Marion Hays Colerider who was “shot and killed” at the age of 17 on 7 December 1900 (figure 1). But here I am interested in […]

An amuse-bouche

While you breathlessly await two fairly substantial posts I have in train, here is a little something to keep you going. It’s the Charles Weber (1855-1947) mausoleum in Loudon Park Cemetery in Baltimore. Besides its crazy take on the Ionic order (just what is it with those capitals, for a start), it’s been banged up […]